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Welcome to BHC

Our vision at BHC is to provide our clients with the optimal single-source and multi-disciplinary solution for all legal and business matters concerning Iraq. We will do this by assisting in the achievement of Iraq country strategies and objectives while saving valuable time and resources on behalf of our clients.

Historically, Iraq is well-known for the “Hammurabi Code,” the first written codification of laws in recorded history.  “BHC” stands for “Bayt al-Hikmah” in Arabic (or “House of Wisdom” in English). Bayt-al-Hikmah was the first legal library, translation institute, and research center in Iraq, established in 750 AD during the Abbasid era in Baghdad. This important educational and cultural center became a world-renowned source of knowledge and advancement.  Our office strives to maintain and uphold the diverse, intellectual, and influential tradition established by this historical namesake.

BHC is a duly registered limited liability company and is in good standing with both the Iraqi Bar Association and the Ministry of Trade to practice law and provide consultancy services, and also to provide a broad range of technical assistance and financial services to its clients throughout Iraq—including the Kurdistan Region. BHC’s main office within Baghdad’s Green Zone (i.e., the secure part of Baghdad where key government ministries, as well as the U.S. Embassy, are located) has been consistently maintained since January 2011 and allows for direct access to the Government of Iraq.

In addition to the main office in Baghdad, BHC has an administrative support office located in Washington, DC and a branch office in the state of Virginia. The offices coordinate their work involving international business clients and projects on the basis of a 24/7 schedule by maximizing the difference in time zones.

BHC’s Iraqi lawyers, international consultants, and seasoned Arabic-speaking administrative support personnel (inclusive of translators) have extensive Iraq in-country experience.  The BHC Team has substantial experience working with the Government of Iraq (at both the national and sub-national levels), U.S. Government, international financial institutions and law firms, and non-governmental organizations. BHC’s Managing Partner is licensed by the D.C. Bar and the Virginia Bar as a Foreign Legal Consultant, and several other BHC staff are licensed to practice law in the U.S. and abroad.

By virtue of our multi-disciplinary mandate, BHC stands fully and completely behind our clients in every aspect of our working relationships – from our initial legal counseling through the post-start-up operational phase, and, if and as necessary, throughout any judicial and/or formal administrative proceedings.  We are able to provide this continued support because we are licensed to advise clients on local law matters and provide representation in local courts and administrative proceedings. Furthermore, we are licensed to assist clients in all matters involving their actual in-country presence, start-up, business development and alliances, regulatory compliance, and operational and technical support.

As you can see, we firmly believe in Iraq’s unparalleled potential and extremely promising future. We are certain that the next 25 years will indeed bear witness to one of the greatest infrastructure reconstruction and socio-economic development efforts that any nation has ever experienced.  We equally believe in our own capability in helping you to become an integral part of Iraq’s future success story.

We humbly invite you to consider BHC as your single-source legal advisor and technical assistance consultant in, with, and for Iraq. Together, we can achieve success.

The BHC Team

Ahmed M. Salman Dawood
Ahmed M. Salman DawoodFounder and Managing Partner
Donna Robinson
Donna RobinsonSenior International Legal Advisor
Daowd Al-Mula
Daowd Al-MulaFinancial Services and Compliance Director