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About BHC

About BHC

Bayt-al-Hikmah (“BHC”) is one of Iraq’s leading law firms.  It is owned and managed by duly qualified Iraqi lawyers, who are supported by international legal advisors and consultants; and it is duly registered and in good standing with the Iraqi Bar Association to practice law, and to provide a broad range of technical assistance services to its clients throughout Iraq--including the Kurdistan Region.

BHC’s overarching objective is to provide its clients with the optimal single-source solution for all their Iraqi legal counsel and technical assistance consultancy needs at international standards, while setting the norm for modern-day Iraqi law firms and consultancies.

In accordance with its officially registered mandate, BHC is authorized to furnish legal counsel and technical assistance services to both Iraqi and foreign private- and public-sector clients; including, foreign individuals, companies, and investors, governmental and quasi-governmental entities, and bilateral, regional, and international organizations. Thus our Firm counsels, and also provides related technical assistance services, on myriad legal, regulatory, technical, operational, policy, and other matters that typically arise from its clients’ presence, contracts, investments, projects, operations, technical issues, cases, and other activities in, with, or for Iraq.

To fulfill our Firm’s duly registered mandate, we are able to contract with Iraqi and foreign lawyers, consultants, technical advisors, experts, specialists, and other personnel--whether individuals, law firms, consulting companies, or business corporations.  Our personnel comprise both national (Iraqi) and international professionals and support staff, and we maintain global correspondent affiliate relationships with reputable international law firms. Hence we deliver our legal counsel and consulting services at the highest professional and ethical standards, whilst on an efficient, cost-effective, and timely basis.

Our Firm distinguishes itself from other Iraqi law firms and consultancies by its registration and good standing with the Iraqi bar, its national and international certifications, its single-source full-service and multi-disciplinary law practice and technical assistance consultancy, its unique expertise and all-around in-country practical experience (including prior service in Iraq’s executive, legislative, and judicial branches), its demonstrable commitment to its vision and values, its modern partnership ownership and management structure, and its ability to combine and integrate its legal counsel with its technical assistance services--so that its clients can assure the ongoing regulatory and operational compliance of their in-country activities via a single-source efficient and confidential point of contact.  Our client testimonials attest to the foregoing.

Our law practice spans a broad spectrum of sectors, and our Consultancy Unit advises on a variety of commercial, operational, and regulatory compliance aspects of our clients’ legal, operational, technical, and other matters in Iraq.

We represent multinational corporations, international and Iraqi private- and public-sector companies, organizations, agencies, investors, and individuals who are located or who are doing business in Iraq--including the Kurdistan region; or who wish to commence legal, commercial, or technical activity in the country, and are committed to its infrastructure reconstruction and socio-economic development.

In direct association with duly qualified foreign counsel and technical consultants, we also assist Iraqi governmental entities, private- and public- sector companies, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals in certain matters internationally.