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BHC Founding and Managing Partner’s Message

Dear Current and Prospective Clients,

As BHC’s Founding and Managing Partner, it is my utmost pleasure to invite you to consider our Firm for your Iraq-related legal and technical assistance matters. 

Our vision is to provide you with an international standards optimal single-source and multi-disciplinary solution for all your legal counsel and technical assistance consultancy needs concerning Iraq; in order to help enable you to achieve your Iraq country strategy and objectives, assist you in saving your valuable time and resources and ensuring your peace of mind, and to become your natural choice for the best local lawyers and consultants.  In the process, our wish is to evolve with the extension of your successes in Iraq, all while setting the norm for other modern-day Iraqi law firms and consultancies.

Historically Iraq is well known for its “Hammurabi Code,” the first ever written codification of laws in recorded history.  “BHC” stands for “Bayt-al-Hikmah” in Arabic (or “House of Wisdom” in English), which was the first legal library, translation institute, and research center--established in 750 AD in Abbasid-era Baghdad; and which became a worldwide renowned source of knowledge and advancement.  Hence Iraq’s codified laws and legal profession are deep-rooted.

Iraq’s legal framework is quite developed and relatively complex, reflecting our country’s ancient history and recent developments.  It currently operates in challenging regulatory, political, economic, and social environments.  We are uniquely qualified and experienced in understanding it, interpreting it, advising you on it, and keeping pace with its evolution and how it actually operates in practice.  Our study, interpretation, and application of Iraq’s legal framework and regulatory regimes adhere to the best of Iraqi traditions; and also to international standards of professional services delivery, ethics, and anti-corruption.

By virtue of our single-source and multi-disciplinary solution mandate (duly registered with the Iraq Bar Association), we stand fully and all-the-way behind you in Iraq--from our initial legal counseling to throughout your post-start-up operational phase; and, if and as necessary, through the judicial and/or formal administrative proceedings enforceability of our counsel.  We can do so because we are duly licensed to counsel you on local law matters and to represent and/or defend you before local courts and administrative proceedings; furthermore, we are also duly licensed to assist you in all matters involving your actual in-country presence, start-up, business development and alliances, regulatory compliance, and operational and technical support.

We firmly believe in Iraq’s unparalleled potential and extremely promising future; and how the next 25 years will indeed witness one of the greatest infrastructure reconstruction and socio-economic development efforts that any nation has ever embarked upon in history.  We equally believe in our own capability in helping you to become an integral part of Iraq’s future success story, and in our merit to share in your successes--in both your and the country’s best interests.

So, I invite you to consider BHC as your single-source legal advisor and technical assistance consultant in, with, and for Iraq. 

I also urge you not to hesitate to contact me directly.



Ahmed M. Dawood, Esq.
Founder and Managing Partner
BHC Law Firm LLC.
Iraqi Legal Services and Consultancy
Iraq Cell: 00964-7802-200-700