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Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property Legal Practice

Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property Legal Practice

Our “Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property Legal Practice” advises and assists BHC clients in all areas of their commercial and business activities in Iraq; from direct import-export sales and similar transactions, to long-term and complicated in-country structures and contractual arrangements, which extend from small- and medium-sized companies and investments to multinationals and major investments--under Iraq’s legal and regulatory regimes.

We advise clients in their determination of the most appropriate form of corporate entity for doing business locally; and we assist them in its proper structuring, formation, incorporation, registration, operationalization, and eventual sale or dissolution, as necessary. Our advice ranges from basic counseling on the standard corporate forms under the company regime, to sophisticated tailor-made sector-specific structures under the automotive, banking, capital markets, energy, foreign investment, IT, industrial, insurance, medical and pharmaceutical, mineral resources, telecommunications, tourism and hotel, and defense-security regimes. We also assist with specifically compliant complex structures for the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors, financial investments, mergers and acquisitions (sellers and purchasers), military sales, government procurements, and other specialized transactions. We advise sovereign wealth funds as well.

In that regard, we advise on all aspects of local business, commercial, contract, and technology transfer law; and we draft all types of contracts, and assist in their negotiation, execution, supervision, amendment, termination, and judicial enforcement, when necessary. We also advise on local labor relationships and employment agreements; and on their related regulatory requirements under the labor, social security, and pension regimes.

We equally assist clients in their in-country due diligence and assessments to structure their Iraq market entry, and to identify suitable local partners. We advise and assist them in their overall business strategies, partnerships, financings, and negotiations for each phase of the commercialization and privatization of local state-owned enterprises, and other public-sector commercial entities. We also advise them on the structuring, formation, authorization and registration, operation, and termination of local joint ventures, commercial agencies and distributorships, sales, supply and services contracts, and leasing, licensing and franchising arrangements; providing advice from initial identification and negotiation, through termination and dispute resolution as necessary.

We assist clients to protect their patents, copyrights, and trademarks locally, and to safeguard against the infringement of their intellectual property. We also help them to ensure their compliance with the local environmental protection regime; including, project environmental impact assessments, actions plans, and related mitigation and remedial measures, and any necessary resolution therefor.

Upon request, we regularly represent large investor clients on the boards of their local companies, banks, investment funds and other business entities in Iraq.