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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision:Our vision is to provide our clients with the optimal single-source solution for all their Iraqi legal counsel and technical assistance consultancy needs at international standards, in order to help them achieve their Iraq country strategy and goals, save their valuable time and resources, ensure their peace of mind, and to become their natural choice for the best local lawyers and consultants for Iraq; and, in the process, to evolve with the extension of their own success in-country, while setting the standards for modern-day Iraqi law firms and consultancies.


Our Values: Our core values are:


Professionalism: We deliver our services to the highest professional standards.

Excellence: We strive to reach excellence in everything we do.

Honesty: We are honest and ethical in all our interactions and relationships.

Integrity: We act with the utmost integrity and always keep our promises.

Client focus: Our Clients’ best interest is our primary focus and priority.

Client service: We strive to have our services consistently exceed expectations.

Mutual trust: We believe trust must be earned and it is always reciprocated.

Mutual respect: We treat everyone with utmost respect no matter who they are.

Teamwork: We act as a single firm all while recognizing individual contributions.

Timeliness: We honor our deadlines.

Cost-effectiveness: We adhere to the quotes we give our clients for our services.

Accountability: We take full responsibility for everything we say and do.

Client feedback: We regularly seek our clients’ feedback on our services.

Self-evaluation: We self-evaluate based on client feedback to improve ourselves.