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Our Comparative Advantage

BHC’s overarching objective is to provide its clients with the optimal single-source solution for all of their Iraqi legal and technical assistance consultancy needs in a manner that conforms to international best practices. In accordance with its officially registered mandate, BHC is authorized to furnish legal counsel and technical assistance services to both Iraqi and foreign private and public sector clients; including, foreign individuals, companies, and investors, governmental and quasi-governmental entities, and bilateral, regional, and international organizations.

As both a law firm and a technical assistance consultancy, BHC is fully committed and legally compliant in Iraq, while at the same time being skilled and connected at the international level. BHC is able to ensure, through a single-source solution, both the legal accuracy and the on- the-ground practical enforceability of its legal and consultancy services since its lawyers are licensed to counsel clients on Iraqi law matters and to represent and/or defend them before Iraqi courts. In addition, BHC consultants are duly authorized to assist clients on all matters of actual in-country regulatory compliance and operational and technical support. In this way, BHC can stand firmly behind our clients in Iraq – from the initial legal counseling stage to the actual in-country operational phase and beyond.

In practice, the essence of our comparative advantage is three-fold, specifically:

(i)  Our Iraqi Bar Association registration in good standing in full compliance with local law;

(ii)  Our officially registered single-source mandate that allows us to combine and integrate our legal counsel with our technical assistance consulting services; and

(iii)  Our officially registered authorization that further allows us to include international lawyers, advisors, and technical consultants on our Team to fulfill our single-source mandate.

Our comparative advantage means that our clients benefit from the best of both Iraqi and international professionals, possessing the proper mix of local, regional, and international expertise, linguistic proficiency, and cultural understanding and sensitivity. This inherent synergy between our law practice and technical assistance consultancy has proven itself critical to our clients, especially given Iraq’s uniquely challenging business environment.

We are well positioned on the ground in Iraq to best represent our clients, and to cultivate and develop our own professional private and public sector in-country networks. We maintain an extensive library of Iraqi laws, regulations, court decisions, and legal publications, and we stay abreast of developments in Iraq to keep pace with the country’s rapidly evolving legal, regulatory, policy, administrative, and business environments. To date, the “single-source solution” that BHC is able to offer has proven to be particularly useful to clients in navigating through Iraq’s uniquely complex business legal and regulatory environment. BHC effectively and efficiently handles its clients’ needs by assigning to each one of them a “client partner” who acts as the client’s single point of contact within the firm to ensure quality, timeliness, and cost effectiveness of services, and to whom the client can directly address their inquiries.

BHC is also in the process of being ISO certified, being the first Iraqi law firm and consultancy to apply for the ISO certification.