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Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Practice

Our “Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Practice” advises BHC clients in all areas of their direct and indirect foreign investments, sales, and trade transactions in and with Iraq. BHC has experience operating under Iraq’s legal and regulatory regimes in transactions ranging from small and medium-sized companies, investments, sales, and trades, to multinational companies and major investments, bulk sales, and large-scale trades.

BHC provides experience-based advice (at both of Iraq’s federal and provincial levels) on contract preparations, negotiations, and the official approval and clearance processes for all forms of in-country and cross-border sales and trades with local and regional customers (buyers and sellers). BHC staff is very familiar with the investment licensing process in Iraq pursuant to the National Investment Law and is therefore willing and able to assist with investment applications and negotiations for local and foreign investment licenses. We also counsel investors on the execution of their sales and trade transactions, the implementation of their licensed investment projects, and the preservation of their local markets and trading relationships. In performing our work, we continually make best efforts to secure the best possible incentives, benefits, facilitations, and exemptions for our clients.

BHC staff is knowledgeable on all facets of import and export operations concerning numerous classes of consumer goods, commodities, foodstuffs, equipment, machinery, materials, and pharmaceuticals, covering the local free trade and industrial zone regimes, and the cross-border trade areas. We regularly counsel clients on offset program projects in the agriculture, education, economic, energy, health, industrial, services and social sectors.

We also advise clients on – and draft and negotiate the myriad forms of contracts as required for – all matters necessary to ensure the successful bidding, planning, financing, and implementation of engineering, construction, mining, natural resource, and fossil fuel and renewable energy projects, particularly large infrastructure projects for housing complexes, satellite urban centers, industrial centers, power plants, water treatment and sewage facilities, factories, ports, airports, vehicle assembly and manufacturing plants, roadways, and railways. In this regard we counsel on all matters involving the maritime, shipping, aviation, telecommunications, and media sectors, as well as the entertainment, hotel, and tourism industries, and residential and commercial real estate leasing and ownership.